I started designing web page elements in 2004, when I created my first personal internet page. Most of my designs were separate elements, mostly for exercise, without publishing them on the internet or creating full websites. Recently I started to combine those elements and create websites.

I do have a master degree in photography and digital image processing. During the last few years I combined that with computer programming, in order to be able to deliver good and functional designs.

From the initial idea, through an engineered design process, I can bring to life both visual and functional parts of a website.


As a designer I got in touch with colors, rules, graphics, critiques, and that’s now helping me to put together front end of a site. I do have the necessary expertise and understanding for shapes and colors, for the interactions between them.


As an engineer I had the opportunity to get in contact with the technical side of web design: software engineering and programming (html, css, php, javascript) basically everything that helps me to think and write really efficient code to power up my designs.


I was and still am fascinated by both technical and artistic side of web design. The technical side requires precision, it has constraints, standards, it needs to be really well built in order to perform efficiently. The artistic side allows me to get out there, to let go, to stop thinking and start dreaming. Being free to go from one side to another means everything to me. Not being constraint to act just on one side allows me to put the best I have in both, it allows me to build professional front ends (designs) powered by well built, functional background processes.