CIS Electric

The entire project that included logo design, web design and web programming. The logo design process was a significant part of the entire project, that’s why I treat it separately.

The company acts as a contractor in the electric services field.

First I chose a font for the logo. I tried different options, with different placements. I found the round font not to be as suitable as the squared one. The chosen font has more of a technical look, it is easily readable and it suits better the purpose of this logo. It was approved by the client.

In terms of symbols, I wanted something different from the competitors logos, so I had to exclude lightning and light bulbs. I chose a plug attached to an electric wire. There were more attempts to integrate the symbol into the logo. The goal was to keep CIS and ELECTRIC as distinct, visible, separate entities. The client decided for the final version, where the cable surrounds the word ELECTRIC and separates it from CIS.

As of texture, the decision was to keep the logo flat. This is, of course, to follow the guidelines: simple, maximum two colors, technical, easily readable if you have in mind t-shirt printing.

  • graphic design
    • logo design
  • technologies
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator